On The Issues

To start the 2017 Nevada State Legislative session, Nevada Democrats introduced our Nevada Blueprint. The goal of the Blueprint, and this legislative session, is to fight for better education, to increase government accountability, to promote jobs in Nevada, and to protect our most vulnerable citizens, specifically our seniors and children.

Ozzie Fumo for Assembly

Supporting Education & Our Kids

As someone with grandchildren starting school soon in Clark County, education is very personal to me. That’s why I continue to meet with parents, teachers, and school administrators and why our first legislative town hall centered on education. It’s also why I have sponsored both AB 212 and AB 320, so we can help teachers move away from feeling forced to ‘teach to the test’ rather than doing what’s best for the education of our children. Also, to help with our teacher shortage, I’ve sponsored AB 351 to help teachers with their student loans. 

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Fighting for Nevada’s Hard-Working Families

From expanding job training and mentorship programs, to fighting for homeowners who were hit hard by the PUC’s solar decision, I’m proud to be part of a number of pieces of legislation this session which not only promote job creation across Nevada, but make sure those who invested in their homes and in the future of Nevada are treated fairly by the energy companies. 

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Protecting Our Seniors

Ozzie Fumo Nevada State AssemblyExpanding Medicaid, working to fighting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, protecting Medicare and Social Security—we continue to make sure this session protects Nevada seniors. This session, I have been proud to co-sponsor legislation that is specifically designed to look out for our seniors and the benefits they have earned.  

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Standing Up For The Rights of All Nevadans

As an attorney, I believe everyone has the right to a fair trial. That’s why I’m proud to sponsor legislation that would help expand the jury pool and to better deliver a jury of one’s peers. I’m also extremely proud to be part of the Nevada legislature that voted to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. Fighting for every Nevadan, from every walk of life, is something I believe must be a priority for the Nevada legislature. 


If you would like to submit your comments on, or track specific legislation in the State Legislature, you can do that here. If you have any questions for me while we’re in session, please reach out to my office in Carson City at 7775-684-8839 or via email at Ozzie.Fumo@asm.state.nv.us.